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How we work

Every project is different and after the initial consultation a full survey is completed in order to put forward design proposals which will be presented to each client in full 3D. This allows a ‘walk through’ of the new space so the client can get a real feel of how their project will look once completed.

Once planning has been achieved the project will be tendered to a minimum of three contractors. Once the tenders are returned these will be reviewed and the client will then decide which contractor to choose for their project. This process will enable the client to ensure that their requirements fit their budget. Sometimes the client may prefer to have their project costed by a qualified Quantity Surveyor before the tender process. This process is generally better value for money than going to a one stop loft or extension company for example, who do not tender their work and often quote bare minimum prices and add on the extras at the end.

During the course of the project a JCT contract will be administered by Simon Merrony Architects to ensure that objectivity is maintained throughout and the contractor is bound by the terms and budget agreed from the outset.

A full Project Management service is also available co-ordinating all aspects of the project from start to end.

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